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Following a childhood filled with art, creative writing, and piano lessons, Jude Wadler received her formal training in what would be her life-long career at the Layton School of Art in Milwaukee.

Her first interest and commercial success was in Portraiture. After years of honing her technique in pastel chalk, she started receiving commissions. Five of her portraits graced the cover of American Premiere Magazine, including those of Steven Spielberg, Sydney Pollack, Jacqueline Bissett & Candice Bergen, and Dudley Moore. Some of her works were collected by George C. Scott, Rodney Dangerfield, Carol Burnett, and Dick Clark.

During this time, Jude began doing oils on canvas. As a study technique, she painted copies of Old Masters. These so-called forgeries were so well executed that they began to sell, and triggered a number of commissions from design houses. Next was a large mural of an Italian marketplace for a Las Vegas hotel, and other murals in Los Angeles.

After painting portraits, forgeries, and cityscapes for others, Jude started painting for herself. She entered her Animal period, bringing her distinctive sense of color and whimsy to the work. Next was her Abstract phase, followed by her impressive Latest Work. After painting in many styles, she found the one that best suited her.

Jude received her share of reward and recognition. She was a winner in the 3rd Open Studios Pacific Coast Competition, selling all three of her exhibited paintings. Her one-man show at the C.G. Rein Galleries in Houston, Texas, was a popular and critical success. And she has shown at Artworks Gallery, Berwin Entertainment Center, Barnsdale Park, the Vermillion Showroom at the Pacific Design Center in Beverly Hills, and The Colony Theatre Gallery in Burbank.

The prestigious USArt Magazine published her in its new releases section, featured her in the article Animals in Art, honored her with its cover in June 2000, and profiled her for the August 2001 edition. (That's Jude under the word "should.") And some of her floral works have been published by Angel Graphics and Scafa-Tornabene Art Publishing Co..

Note that Jude also painted under her former surnames, Dutcher and Luell; therefore, some of the paintings in her galleries are signed accordingly.

Jude passed away on April 6, 2012. But her beautiful works live on.