GALLERY THREE - Old Masters - 1990-1997

I was a couple hundred years too late and the wrong gender to be an Old Master, so I did the next best thing: I became an Old Master Forger. Actually this developed not from any felonious intent, but merely as a study technique. Imagine my surprise when the paintings began to sell, triggering a number of commissions from various design houses.

I still do oil-on-canvas paintings like these on a commission basis. And, like some of the pictures below, the Masters do not have to be really Old. So if you would like a fake original of anything in the public domain at a fraction of the Sotheby price, please contact me for a quote. (No FBI agents, please.)

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Antique Flowers
Jan Van Huysum
* Print for sale in Art Store *


Banquet of Cleopatra (Screen)
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo


Black White & Gray
Franz Kline

Blonde Woman with Bare Breasts
Edouard Manet
* Original for sale in Art Store *


Bust of Woman Wearing a Hat
Pablo Picasso


Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Joan Miro


Claude-Joseph Vernet


Flaming June
Lord Leighton of Stretton

Flowers with Butterfly
Jan Van Huysum
* Print for sale in Art Store *


The Terrace
Hubert Robert


La Source
J.A.D. Ingres

Le Dejeuner sur L'Herbe
Albert Buehr


Madame Dange Tying Knots
Louis Touque


Edouard Manet
* Original for sale in Art Store *

Pre-Raephalite Portrait
Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Promenade Among the Olive Trees
Henri Matisse


Artist Unknown

Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex
Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger


Shamrock IV and Victory
Artist Unknown


St. Peter's Rome
George Inness

Claude Monet


Sunrise at Saint-Rémy
Vincent Van Gogh
* Original for sale in Art Store *


The Salon in the Ruedes Moulins
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Vase of Flowers
Jan Van Huysum
* Print for sale in Art Store *


White and Purple Water Lilies
Claude Monet


Woman in White
Pablo Picasso

At the Seaside
William Merritt Chase


Reclining Nude
Amedeo Modigliani


The Luncheon
Claude Monet

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