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In all immodesty, here are just a few of the many enthusiastic quotes about my work.

  • Dick Clark
    "It is really a lovely work of art."

  • Priscilla Presley
    "Your work is excellent."

  • Carol Burnett
    "It's me! A beautiful portrait"

  • Trish Van Devere-Scott
    "Her painting captures a lovely warmth and closeness. George and I both appreciate it very much. It is really lovely. She's a very talented painter."

  • Louis Nye
  • Barbara Beckley,
    Colony Theatre Gallery, Burbank, CA
    "Jude's exhibit was the most successful and talked about in the 27 years we've been doing exhibits. The fact that she sold most of her paintings is an indication of how popular her work is among our public. We look forward to hosting future exhibitions of her work."

  • Terry Haller,
    Arts Patron, Madison, WI
    "What a great job you did! I love the piece as does everybody who sees it."
  • Walter Bernard,
    Time Magazine
    "Extremely well executed."

  • Susan Royal,
    American Premiere Magazine
    "Jude, I love it!"